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Writing Compliant Real Estate Evaluations Internally


Writing Compliant Real Estate Evaluations Internally


This training video includes the full 90 minute presentation as well as electronic versions of all handouts and printed materials

– 90+ Minute Video Presentation –

– All Slides Used During Video –

– Handouts and Forms –

Online Video – View-able for 30 days

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Product Description

Writing Compliant Real Estate Evaluations Internally

This 90+ minute informational training program will focus on the key points that banks need to be aware of relating to writing their own real estate evaluations to ensure they are written in compliance with the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines.

Learning Objectives:

  • Program Development – Discussion of items that should be considered when developing the evaluationportion of your valuation program
  • Independence of the Evaluation Program – Discussion of the importance of independence in theevaluation program as well as suggestions for communication with the person performing the report
  • Selecting a Qualified Evaluator – Discussion of items to consider when selecting the person to performthe evaluation
  • When is an Evaluation Report Acceptable? – Discussion of when the use of an evaluation report isappropriate as well as items to consider when developing the evaluation report
  • Minimum Evaluation Content – In-depth discussion of the minimum requirements of an evaluationreport – this will include a focus on comparable selection and supporting the estimated market value given
  • Validating an Existing Report – Discussion of items that could impact the current report’s validity and how to support the use of an existing report or when to complete a new report
  • Evaluation Compliance Review – Discussion of items to look for during the review process


Program Content and Delivery:

This training program focuses on current issues involving the evaluation development and writing process and contains information relevant to those who manage or are involved with the real estate valuation process within a bank. A reference manual will be included with resources and a sample evaluation review checklist and sample property inspection report.


Who Should Be Interested?

Members of the bank who are involved with the real estate valuation program, as well as other members that will rely on evaluations will be interested in attending this program. In addition to any appraisal department member, this may include credit officers, loan officers, credit analysts, loan review officers, credit administration supervisors, and loan assistants.


Video Contents

  • 90+ minute┬ávideo presentation
  • All slides used during video
  • Handouts and forms


You will receive a link and password to view the video online (valid for 30 days after purchase).


You will also receive via email the supporting documents and all course printout.