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Testimonial – Client Testimonial 06/19/17

Our institution selected the Evolve system to assure our branch level Evaluations are completed with the required content of an Evaluation per federal regulations.  The Evolve review process assures that sufficient information and analysis are included in the Evaluations to support the value conclusion.  The Evolve package containing the Evaluation and Review has streamlined our […]

Testimonial – Client Testimonial 06/16/17

Since we started using Evolve it has helped stream line our evaluation process.

Testimoinial – Client Testimonial 06/15/17

We found the training and support team has always been very helpful  and timely with any questions we would have.  Using Evolve helps us speed up the turn around time in getting a value while keeping the income in house.

Testimonial – Client Testimonial 06/14/17

The Evolve system has helped us to greatly streamline our in-house evaluation process.  We can process these reports much more quickly than we were able to before we began using Evolve.  Also, using Evolve to review our reports is an added advantage as it provides us with additional assurance that our evaluations are fully compliant. […]

Testimonial – Client Testimonial 06/13/17

Evolve is extremely easy system to navigate and user friendly. This smoothly operating software also comes with exceptional technical support staff.